Machina Labs uses robots to manufacture titanium sheet metal parts

Created at:  Thu Jun 29 2023 10:00 AM

Using material- and geometry-agnostic technology, the Machina Labs platform outperforms traditional sheet metal methods that rely on custom, costly tooling. The company’s dieless robotic sheet-forming process can reduce the time to produce a part, eliminating the cost of designing and manufacturing molds and dies. It also enables a more flexible process, allowing for room temperature forming of titanium.

What this means is that innovative new hardware can be scaled up on much shorter timelines and within lower budgets, making previously impossible product programs feasible.

Roboforming also enables optimized designs that were not previously manufacturable. This allows manufacturers and end customers to realize higher performance, lighter weight, and more efficient products, opening up new markets and economies for U.S. domestic manufacturing...

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