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Machina Labs is unlocking the centuries-old manufacturing industry by combining the latest advances in robotics and AI to build the next generation of factories. Machina’s capabilities enable rapid iteration and production in days (vs months with conventional processes) to accelerate design, engineering, and innovation.

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    The leaders in flight and space are moving faster than ever. Aircraft, rocket, and satellite manufacturers leverage Machina's ability to rapidly iterate with lightweight, high-temperature metals like titanium to launch faster and more reliably.

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    The United States Government relies on Machina's capabilities to rapidly develop, build, and deploy the next generation of aircraft, ships, vehicles, and other critical equipment. Machina's systems also help sustain and maximize the effectiveness of existing fleets.

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    Roboforming™ large tooling surfaces allows composites manufacturers to significantly reduce lead times, cycle times, and material waste. Compatibility with high-temperature, low-thermal expansions metals like Invar enable the rapid manufacture of large, precision aero surfaces.

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    OEMs and suppliers that refuse to compromise on speed and performance utilize Machina's capabilities to go from design to test faster than ever. Dieless production enables aftermarket parts and low-volume product variants previously cost-prohibitive with traditional stamping.

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    Manufacturers of heavy equipment for the Energy, Marine, Construction, Agriculture, and Transportation Industries demand large, durable, and cost-effective sheet metal products. Machina supplies the parts and systems needed to keep industrial manufacturers up and running.

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    Machina's technology enables manufacturers of large consumer products and appliances to rapidly shape and test their future designs. Going from CAD to assembly in days pulls in engineering builds and consumer testing.

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Our Team

We are technology, materials, and manufacturing industry experts from companies including SpaceX, Relativity Space, Novelis, Carbon, Stratasys, nTopology, and more. At Machina Labs, we have built the next generation of manufacturing with our robotic craftsman platform. This requires a multi-disciplinary team of roboticists, material scientists, software engineers, machine learning experts, mechanical engineers, technicians, business and operations experts, and more. We’re always looking for world-class talent to add to our team to help us build the factory of the future.

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