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The Robotic Craftsman

Machina’s Robotic Craftsman is an agile manufacturing platform integrating 7-axis robots, autonomous sheet loading and fixturing, and advanced AI process models and closed-loop controls to enable many manufacturing processes at the click of a button. The robots have the ability to change tools and sensors instantly to perform a variety of operations such as roboforming™, scanning, and trimming on a wide range of materials. The platform is continuously upgraded to improve existing capabilities and add entirely new ones.



Leveraging precise industrial robotics and AI-driven process control, Roboforming™ rapidly shapes sheet metal into large, complex parts that are extremely expensive and slow to produce with conventional manufacturing tools.


We build robotic systems to replicate the honed perception, dexterity, and agility of a master craftsman plus the repeatability and scalability of a modern factory. Machina's platform leverages real-time sensor data and AI to precisely control the incremental forming and trimming of sheet metal parts.


We capture the provenance of every part we manufacture. We store high-resolution process data and then process and save it as a digital twin containing all the relevant history. This provides the most accurate characterization of process steps and qualification of the final part.

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If it bends, we can form it. Machina's Roboforming™ process uses standard metal sheet stock - available in thousands of materials, sizes, and gauges. These include (but are by no means limited to) Aluminums, Steels, Titaniums, Invars, Inconels, and refractory alloys. 


If you have a specific material requirement, please reach out to explore compatibility and availability.

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