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Machina labs Values

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    Be A Crafts(wo)man

    We bias towards action and iterative progress. We roll up our sleeves, own the task, and do more with less. Attention to detail and passionate drive to hone our skills.

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    Creating a Better Future for Everyone

    We promote and embrace the diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and ideas to build an inclusive and positive future. We identify challenges and risks and then boldly commit to them.

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    Driven by Logic and Data

    Experience is important but doesn’t remove the need for logical, data-based conclusions. We lead with a hypothesis, described by logic, and defined with testing and data. We don’t fear failure as long as there is learning.

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    Progress > Perfect

    We operate with a strong sense of urgency to generate results. Engineering is the practice of iteration and we strive to frequently demonstrate the output.

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    Ego is the Enemy

    We practice self-awareness, respect, trust, and transparency. We share and celebrate failures and honesty. We have no interest in gossip or politics.

Our Mission & Vision

To unlock manufacturing and unconstrain innovation, for all. Manufacturing parts should be as easy as a click of a button, from anywhere in the world, for any volume, without having to build expensive, rigid factories specific for each part. If you are moved by this mission please join us!

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